Wes Manning

Mayor and Council
Title: Council Member Place 1
Phone: 210-655-0022 Ext. 2100

Council Member Place 1 - Wes Manning

About Wesley Manning

Wesley (Wes) Manning, is currently serving his second two-years term as a Windcrest Council Member. Mr. Manning holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Webster University since 1992. 

Wes Manning served in the Marines and Army for 33 years as an active and reserved member. He is a Vietnam Veteran, Wes was deploying in Desert Shied and the aftermath of Desert Storm. Mr. Manning has 40 years of experience with Law Enforcement. 

Mr. Manning is very proud of his wonderful family. He has an amazing wife, two outstanding sons, and six awesome grandchildren who he adores. Wes is very engaged in his community and it happy to volunteers his time with the WCCPD. 

As a Windcrest Council Member he is devoted to ensure that the money being used by the City of Windcrest is being well spent. "My vision is being well carried out now. hey city prospers, is well maintained, has an amazing administration, and is being well lead" sated Mr. Manning.


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