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"No Visit List" Request

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    The issuing officer shall maintain a list of persons within the City of Windcrest who restrict visits to their residential property (including their leasehold, in the case of a tenant) by peddlers, solicitors, and canvassers. The issuing officer may provide a form to assist residents, and this form may allow the resident to select certain types of visits that the resident finds acceptable while refusing permission to others. This "no visit" list shall be a public document, and may be reproduced on the city's web site and available for public inspection and copying. A copy of the "no visit" list shall be provided to each applicant for and each recipient of a peddler license. If a canvasser chooses not to apply for a peddler card, it will be the responsibility of that canvasser to obtain in some other way a copy of the current "no visit" list.

    (Ord. No. 2018-768(O) , 7-16-2018)

    Information provided below WILL be included on the "No Visit List." Only the address will be made available to the public.


  2. Your address will be reflected on the "No Visit List" within 24 to 48 hours of your submission.

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