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Fitness in the Civic Center 2023

  1. Sign-up for FREE Fitness in the Civic Center classes. Fitness in the Civic Center began in July in celebration of Parks and Recreation month but will continue through the month of September. 

    LOCATION: 9310 Jim Seal Dr.


    • Yoga -  With Chris from Pure Prana Path Yoga & Wellness
    • Zumba® - With Candy 
    • Pop-Dance Choreography - With Amanda from Werk With Amanda
    • Be Fit While You Sit - With Amanda from Werk With Amanda 

    We will contact you to the information provided in case of an emergency cancelation.

    All classes start a 6:30PM - 7:30PM

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  4. Only one submission per group of people is necessary. Sign-up will also be available at each event. Sign-up and attending is FREE

    If you have concerns regarding your submission or need help completing the form email the Communications Administrative Assistant III.

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