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  1. "No Visit List" Request

    Residents who do not wish to be visited by peddlers must fill out this form to be placed on the "No Visit List". Information provided... More…

  2. CoW Recreational Pool Amenity Questions

    Not able to attend one (1) of three (3) community meetings? Have questions regarding the two (2) pool options? Let us know by... More…

  3. Submit Pictures of the City and City Events

    We are asking for the community to submit photos they have taken of the city or at city events. Photos submitted may be posted on our... More…

  1. City of Windcrest Community Pool Amenity Survey

    What are the next steps for a community pool amenity in Windcrest. City Council is considering two (2) options on the next steps... More…

  2. Get on the Garage Sale Map for 2022

    Fill out this short questionnaire to be added to the map of participants. Hosting a garage sale is FREE during this event


  1. Vehicle Storage - Waiting List Form

    Form to fill out to be added to the Vehicle Storage waiting list