How do I dispose of an old smoke detector?
The following information regarding Smoke detector disposal is from the Environmental Protection Agency:

Both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms contain plastic and electronic circuit boards and in some cases batteries (alkaline or lithium). Ionization technology also includes a chamber containing radioactive material incorporated into a gold matrix. Because of the long half-life of americium-241 the amount of radioactive material in the smoke alarm at the end of its certified useful life will be about the same as when you bought it.
EPA's household waste program encourages waste reduction and minimization. State and local practices for safe disposal of smoke alarms vary, but most communities seek to limit the amount of material that requires disposal in a municipal solid waste landfills and incinerators. Waste minimization reduces costs and protects the environment.
Because of the low levels of contamination, smoke detectors can be disposed of in regular trash. You may return the detector to the manufacturer for disposal. The address of the supplier is usually listed in the product warranty or user's manual.
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