How do I get to the Municipal Court?

The court is located at 8601 Midcrown Dr


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1. I have a traffic ticket, what do I do next?
2. What are the hours of operation for Court?
3. How do I get to the Municipal Court?
4. Can a trial date be changed over the phone, or do I have to appear in court?
5. What are the fine amounts?
6. If I have an active warrant in your city, will I be arrested?
7. Do I qualify for a Defensive Driving Course?
8. Can I take the defensive driving course before my court date?
9. Do I have to wait for the driving record to return before I can take the defensive driving class?
10. Why can I not settle everything on the day I come in?
11. Can I request a jury trial?
12. What is deferred disposition?
13. Does deferred disposition keep the ticket off my record?
14. Can I mail my proof of insurance instead of appearing in court?
15. What happens if I violate the deferred disposition?
16. What is the cost of the deferred disposition?
17. Can I request a deferred disposition by mail?
18. If I pay a warrant will it appear on my driving record?
19. Can I be arrested if I come to see a judge?
20. My driver's license is about to exprire. Can I renew my driver's license with an outstanding warrant(s)?
21. I was arrested and spent some days in jail. Why do I still have outstanding warrants?