Hotel Occupancy Taxes (HOT)

In the early 1970s, the Texas Legislature authorized municipalities to begin collecting the local hotel occupancy tax (HOT). In 2017, the 85th Legislature passed Senate Bill 1221 with the intent of increasing local government transparency while also allowing the public to better understand the state’s patchwork of municipal HOTs. To comply with Tax Code Section 351.009, municipalities that impose certain HOTs now must annually report their tax rates and revenue amounts, including the percentage of revenue allocated for specific uses, from the preceding fiscal year.

The City of Windcrest a local hotel occupancy tax funds to be dedicated to supporting convention and tourism centers, promotional and tourist advertising of the City, promotion of the arts, historical preservation, and program support for events and activities that attract tourists to the City of Windcrest.

Hotel Tax Rates

The City of Windcrest’s Hotel Occupancy Tax rate is 7 percent. The City’s tax is in addition to the 6 percent rate imposed by the State of Texas, which must be remitted separately to the State.

Reporting Requirements for Hotel Tax

  • Hotel tax and payments are due on the 20th day of each month.
  • The City of Windcrest contracted the collection of hotel occupancy tax with The Resource Professional Group.
  • The Resource Professional Group offers online filing for many hotels
  • Please note that audits may be done from time to time on hotel tax payments from hotels 
  • Please keep copies of all exemption forms and revenues/bookings in case an audit is conducted on your property.

Texas Comptroller's Annual Local Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Report

City of Windcrest
Report Yearly (most recent completed fiscal year)2022
Contact NameNatalia Witmer
Contact Phone(210) 655-0022
Contact email
email Natalia Witmer

Municipality's HOT Information
Rate (%)7.00%
Amount of Annual Revenue Collected$328,919.00 
Amount ($) allocated for non-population bracketed beneficiaries of revenue
Convention or information center$234,340.56 
Registrating convention delegates
$  -
Advertising to attract tourists$35,000 
The promotion and improvement of the arts$  -
Historical restoration and preservation projects$  -
Signage directing the public to sights and attractions$  -
Percent of total (%) for non-population bracketed beneficiaries of revenue
Convention or information centers71.25%
Registrating convention delegates
Advertising to attract tourist 10.64%
The promotion and improvement of the arts0.00%
Historical restoration and preservation projects0.00%
Signage directing the public to sights and attractions0.00%
Municipality's sports and community venue tax information
Amount of annual revenue collected$  -