Community Pool

The City of Windcrest community pool is  closed.

The Windcrest City Council tasked the Parks and Recreation Commission to gather feedback from the community regarding the future of the community pool/property.  Complete this survey ,  to tell us what developments you would like to see at 5609 Winsong. City Council needs to know what the community wants. Should City Council allocate money to install a liner (Myrtha Pools) in the existing large pool, replace the pool and build a new one, or demo the pool and provide other recreational amenities? 

To understand the concepts presented in 2021 and recently in 2023, refer to the information tabs below: 2021 Pool Replacement Proposal and 2023 Myrtha Liner Proposal. The proposals were presented at a City Council meeting in their respective year (see link in tabs below). The complete breakdown of cost is also provided. 

NOTE: Each proposal is different. These are not "LIKE FOR LIKE" proposals. The 2021 proposal allocates funding for additional amenities and the 2023 proposal is only for the liner system for the main and wadding pool. Additional information may be found by clicking on the link in each section. Neither proposals provide solutions for the parking requirements as identified in City Code. Parking is an additional cost. 

The Parks and Recreation Commission is hosting two(2) Community Meetings

  • Wednesday, May 10 at 6:30 PM in the Takas Park Civic Center 
  • Thursday, May 11 at 6:30 PM in the Takas Park Civic Center


  1.  2021 Pool Replacement Proposal
  2.  2023 Myrtha Liner Proposal

05.17.2021 Pool Replacement Proposal                      City Council Meeting 05.17.2021      Presentation begins @ 1:45:16 time stamp                                              

Option 1 - Design Schematic

Replace Existing Pool at Winsong Dr.

Mobilization, Insurance, and Bonds - $297,687.19

Mobilization and OH&P (11%)$180,392.17
Insurance and Bonds (4%)$65,597.15
Preparation of Right-Of-Way (1%)$16,399.29
Erosion Control and SWPPP (2%)$32,798.58
Barricades, Signs, and Traffic Handling$2,500.00

Pool - $701,467.36

Demolition and Haul Off for Pools$12,595.00
Excavation and Haul Off for Pools$4,725.00
Underdrain Pipe $3,735.36
24' x 12' Pump with Sump$11,800.00
Gravel Underdrain$20,625.00
10  mil. Polyethylene Liner with 8' offset$30,708.00
Pole Mounted Area Lights $14,940.00
5 hp  Pentair Pump and Electrical Service$11,400.00
Fountain Nozzles$2,035.00
2" True Union Ball Valves $1,650.00
2" sch 40 PVC Pipe$11,232.00
4" sch 40 PVC Pipe$450.00
6" sch 40 PVC Pipe$760.00
Under Water Pool Lighting$16,500.00

Spray Grounds - $375,000.00

Splash Pads$375,00.00

Site Amenities - $384,121.50

Concrete Walk$74,984.00
Chair Lift$6,500.00
Shower Tower$1,500.00
Lifeguard Chairs$1,960.00
Perimeter Fence$24,225.00
Drinking Fountain$4,200.00
Umbrella Shade Canopy$173,475.00
Linear Shade Canopies$95,000.00
Pool Warning Sign$1,600.00
Pool Occupancy Sign$100.00

Storm  Drainage - $6,676.00

Nyloplast Catch Basin$1,400.00
Drain Inlet at Parking$1,200.00
1-1/2" PVC Pipe$416.00
6" Corrugated Drain Pipe$480.00
8" Corrugated Drain Pipe$2,100.00
6' x 10" Concrete Outfall Structure$1,080.00

Landscaping  - $53,039.00

Turf; Solid Sod$12,823.00
3" Cal. Tree$5,125.00
2.5" Cal. Tree$875.00
15 Gal. Shrub$1,400.00
10 Gal. Shrub $450.00
5 Gal. Shrub$3,240.00
3 Gal. Shrub$1,375.00
1 Gal. Shrub $930.00
Irrigation $21,500.00

Buildings - $119,625.00

Renovation of Existing Pool Cabana New$119,625.00

Total Base Bid$1,937,616.05
Contingency 5%$96,880.80
Grand Total$2,034,469.86