Fines & Fees

If you have received an animal-related citation and have questions regarding your citation contact the Windcrest Municipal Court

Pet Registration

Pet owners in Windcrest MUST register their pets annually as stated in the Code of Ordinance Sec. 6-59(a) Fees vary based on your pet's sterilization and microchip status. Registration tag MUST be on your pet's collar.

  • Sterilized and Microchipped: FREE
  • Sterilized Only: $5.00
  • Not Sterilized: $25.00
  • Duplicated Pet Registration Tag: $2.00

Reclamation Fee

If your dog is loose and has to be held by the Windcrest Animal Control a fee to reclaim your dog may apply

  • 1st time: $0.00
  • 2nd time: $0.00
  • 3rd time: $75.00
  • 4th time: $200.00

Citations and Fines

  • Animal Cruelty: Citation
  • Dog Off Leash: Citation
  • Improper Animal Transport: Citation
  • Inadequate Care and Shelter: Citation
  • Each instance per residence per cat outside not sterilized: $50.00
  • Rabies immunization for reclaimed animals without current proof of vaccination: $10.00
  • Fine for animals in violation of Windcrest Code of Ordinances, Sec. 6-59(b): $25.00
  • Violation of Windcrest Code of Ordinances, Sec. 6-62: $100.00
  • Dogs captured who have not been registered with the City: $100.00 
  • Boarding fees

Fines are cumulative 

View the latest Windcrest Fee Schedule (PDF)