Trap Neuter & Return Program

The Trap, Neuter, Return Program (TNR) helps control the population of stray and feral cats in the city. It is a good alternative to having to euthanize cats. This program helps keep the local cat colonies healthy so they can help keep the rodent and insect population down. 

TRN Process

  1. Identify where a stray cat may be located
  2. Report to a Animal Control Officer(ACO)
  3. Safe bated traps will be placed by ACO or Community Volunteers
  4. Cats will be taken to a veterinarian facility to get:
    • sterilized 
    • given a rabies vaccination
    • clipped ear to identify them
  5. Cats will be monitored for 24 hours by a Volunteer of ACO
  6. Once the cat has recovered it will be release at the location it was caught
  7. Medical cost for the stray cat are funded by the city

Thank You

The Windcrest Animal Control Unit would like to thank all the Volunteers who have assisted with this program. Without their assistance this program would not be successful

Contact us if you would like to volunteer