City-Wide Garage Sale

Fall 2022 Garage Sale 

The City of Windcrest will have a 4-day community-wide garage sale. Anyone can participate at NO COST. No permits or fees will be required to have a garage sale during this event. Garage sales may only be set up during these days from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • STARTS: Friday, September 22
  • ENDS: Sunday, September 25

Garage Sale Map

  • Return to this page Tuesday, September 20th for a copy of the 'Fall 2022 Garage Sale' map
  • Complete the form below to be added to the map of participating addresses 

Get on the Garage Sale Map for Fall 2022

    • In order to be added to the map of addresses participating in the garage sale complete this form:
    • The garage sale will run September 22 through 25 all forms must be completed by September 19 by 2:00 PM
    • To remove your address from the map contact the Windcrest Administrative Assistant
    • Only addresses inside the Windcrest City Limits will be added to the map
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