Running & Walking in the Evening or Early Morning?

Okay, so you missed the opportunity to exercise during the light of day, but you still want to get in a quick three miles before turning in for the night or before the sun rises. The best advice when exercising while it's dark is to get off the streets and head to the security of a well lit outdoor track or consider running on an indoor track or treadmill. If you are a walker, consider laps around an indoor shopping mall.


 If these options are not available or just aren't for you, consider these tips before heading out:

  • Make sure people can see you
  • Think about where you are going and how well lit it may or may not be.
  • Going out at dusk or night is dangerous without some type of reflective device on your clothing. Many athletic shoes have reflective qualities built in, but also consider a vest complete with reflective tape.
  • Watch the road; wet or icy spots are considerably harder to see in the dark.
  • Keep alert; dawn and dusk offer convenient shadows for muggers and other crooks.