Permit Fees

For a complete list of permit fees please view the Fee Schedule (PDF)

How do I pay for my permit?

If you have any questions regarding permit fees, email Permits Department or call 210-655-0022 Ext. 2430

  1. Residential Permits
  2. Commercial Permits
  3. Business Fees

New Construction

Single-Family Residential $950 plus $.52/sq. ft.
Certificate of Occupancy $100
Variance Request $150
Moving Permit
Demolition Permiit$200
Dumpster Permit$100
Plan Review Fee - City Engineer$475
Revised Plan Review Fee - City Engineer$237.50
Plan Review Fee - Building Inspector$150
Revised Plan Review Fee - Building Inspector$75
Re-Inspection Fee $75 per inspection
Fail to correctCitation
New Fence$100
Accessory Building$150 - $250
Non-Compliance Fee$100 plus 2x the permit fee

Remodeling and Maintenance

Foundation. Driveways. Sidewalks. Re-roofs. $50 + inspection fee
Fence. Windows$50 - $100
Accessory Buildings$100 - $200
Variance Request $35
Demolition Permit$100
Dumpster Permit$50
Plan Review Fee - Building Inspector$50
Revised Plan Review Fee - Building Inspector $50
Building Inspector Consultation or Site Visit Fee$50
Re-inspection Fee$75 per inspection
Failure to Correct FeeCitation
Non-Compliance Fee$50 plus 2x the permit fee

Plumbing Permits

New Construction $250
Issue Permit (Base Fee)
Water Softener, Water heater, Water Piping, Water Line, Sewer, Gas Test, Bath/Shower, Lavatory/Sink, 
$50 + 
Lawn Irrigation/Sprinklers 

HVAC/Mechanical Permits

New Construction$200
Issue Permit (Base Fee)$50
Replace Unit$100
A/C Air Duct Replacement $150 

Electrical Permit

New Construction$200
Issue Permit (Base Fee)$50
Temporary Meter Loop (TML)$100
Temporary on Permanent Set (TOPS)$100
Solar Panels$150


Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Spa$160
Deck Gazebos, Pergolas, Pool Decks$150
Drain Pool$5
Temporary Storage Container (30 Days)$25 - $35 
Permit Cancelation Fee25% of original permit cost