Automatic Teller Machines (ATM's)

ATM cards, like checks or credit cards, can be stolen from a mailbox, purse or wallet; obtained during a burglary, street robbery or larceny; or used without permission by a family member or friend. They are of little use without the Personal Identification Number (PIN) needed to activate the ATM. Sometimes a con man will observe the use of the card at the ATM. 

A con artist may pose as a repairman to obtain data from a user, may interrupt a transaction prior to its completion, steering the user to another machine; or may enlist the help "testing" a machine. All of these scams may result in the ATM user losing money from an account.

How to Avoid

  1. Memorize a PIN; do not write it on a card or paper.
  2. Complete all transactions at the ATM.
  3. Do not lend your card or assist any repairman to test any ATM.
  4. Safeguard your card like you would your cash; it is!

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