Planning & Zoning Commission


The purpose of the Planning and Zoning Commission is to consider rezoning requests, subdivision layouts and planning requests brought before them. After deliberation, they commission recommendations to the City Council as to the disposition of these requests. 


1. Ronald Armes (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

2. Charlotte Nicole "Nikki"  Walker (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2020)

3. Rainbeau Presti, Chairperson (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

4. Majie Takas (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2020)

5. Steven Hall (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)

6. Rhonda Rowland (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2020)

7. Mathew Halbert (Term 3/01/2019-3/01/2021)


  • Alt #1: Vacant
  • Alt #2: Vacant
  • Alt #3: Vacant

Staff Advisor: Rachel C. Dominguez, City Secretary City Secretary Email


Planning and Zoning Commission Members meet the first Thursday of the month as needed at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall located at 8601 Midcrown, 78239.