Building Permit Requirements

Contractor Requirements

The City of Windcrest requires all contractors to register their company before conducting any work within the City. The following is required to become a registered contractor:

  • Contractor Registration Application (PDF) 
  • $20 Registration Fee (renewed annually) 
  • Copy of General Liability Insurance Copy of License:
    • Any other State License
    • If applicable City of San Antonio License
    • Master Electrician
    • Master Mechanical
    • Master Plumber

Building Permit Requirements: Permit Applications are not available online at this time. Permits must be applied for in person. If you are out of state, please contact the Permits Clerk at 210-655-0022 or email Permits Clerk Email.

For a comprehensive outline of the City of Windcrest permitting requirements and registration, please refer to Chapter 103 Buildings and Buildings Regulations Code.


A. No structure, building or parking lot (area), shall be erected, sited, constructed, altered, reconstructed, enlarged, finished out, or demolished in any zoning district of the city, without a permit therefor having first been issued by the director of building services, and no such permit shall be issued unless the tract or lot upon which such structure, building or parking lot (area) is now or is to be located shall have been formally platted as required by chapter 111, and said plat filed for record in the manner provided by law.

B. The following types of construction work are specifically identified as requiring permits to be issued by the city in the manner prescribed in this division:

  1. New residential building, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work.
  2. Remodeling and additions, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work.
  3. All types of roofing, to include replacement of shingles.
  4. Fence, new or replacement of an existing fence, when using different material or placed in a different location. (All masonry fences require a permit.)
  5. Furnace, or central air conditioning, entire new unit or replacement of an existing unit or component.
  6. Flatwork:
    • Driveways, new or a replacement, including curb cut.
    • Sidewalks.
    • Slabs in front or side yards exceeding 16 square feet.
  7. New irrigation or lawn sprinkler systems or the replacement of backflow prevention.
  8. New swimming pools, either above or in the ground.
  9. New spas or hot tubs.
  10. Masonry mailboxes on public sidewalks.
  11. New or replacement water heaters or water softeners.
  12. Accessory buildings as defined herein above (see chapter 113 for additional accessory building requirements) and used as a tool, greenhouse, playhouse, storage shed or similar use, located in an R-1 zoned district, and erected, sited, constructed, reconstructed, or enlarged must comply with the following requirements:
    • No sewer connections shall be installed. Electrical, water or gas connections may be made with appropriate permits.
    • No more than two buildings, one being a greenhouse, may be erected if other than 90 percent masonry buildings.
    • Buildings shall not be sited or constructed forward of the rear-most portion of the main structure.
    • All accessory buildings shall be set-back not less than ten feet from the main dwelling and not less than three feet from all lot lines and shall not occupy any portion of easements if placed on permanent foundation. If portable the three-foot setback applies. Masonry buildings shall not be less than ten feet from all lot lines and shall not occupy any portion of easements.
    • Excluding masonry buildings, buildings will not exceed 144 square feet of interior space nor nine feet in height (above grade level). The term "grade level" is defined as the highest point of elevation of the finished surface of the ground, paving, or sidewalk between the main structure and the property line.
    • Buildings will be of a color which matches or is in harmony with the existing main structure. Masonry buildings will be in harmony in design, color and materials with the existing main structure.
  13. Accessory buildings or portable containers used as a storage shed or similar use located in a B-1 or B-2 zoned district are not permissible without the specific approval of the city council. The procedures outlined in section 103-59 will be followed to obtain a building permit for the addition or placement of an accessory building.
  14. No temporary or permanent building or structure shall be constructed, erected, sited, altered, enlarged or finished out on any lot forward of the rear most portion of the main structure unless it is attached to the main structure and its walls are at least 90 percent masonry, such as stone, brick, stone veneer, brick veneer or cement plaster. Attached buildings or structures without walls shall be constructed of cedar, cypress or redwood lumber which is painted or stained to correspond in style and architecture to the main structure to which it is appurtenant. Attached buildings or structures with roofs shall have the same material, color and design as the structure to which it is appurtenant. Any attached building or structure shall not encroach past a building setback line in the applicable plat or city code.
  15. All temporary or permanent buildings and structures, whether attached or freestanding, shall meet the design loads and anchorage criteria of the International Building Code. An applicant for a building permit shall furnish verification of compliance with such design loads and anchorage criteria

Commercial Space

If you are remodeling or demolishing a commercial space it’s required to provide a copy of an asbestos survey along with a set of plans of work to be done. Effective January 1, 2002 Senate Bill 509 requires an asbestos survey for renovation and demolition of public buildings and / or commercial buildings. 

If you have questions regarding the asbestos survey, please call the Texas Department of Health’s Asbestos Program in Austin at 800-572-5548 or visit the website.

 A minimum of three complete sets of plans, copy of a survey / plat of the property, and a copy of the signed contract for residential and commercial jobs are required when submitting.


Permits are not accepted by fax. No contractor’s registration, permits or copies of insurance / ID will be accepted by email. Permit Applications are accepted Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Tuesday from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.