Traffic Accidents

The Texas Transportation Code is the guide for reporting accidents.

Section 550.022

Section 550.022 makes it the driver's responsibility to immediately stop the vehicle involved in an accident that has caused damage to another vehicle and comply with Section 550.023. If the vehicles are drivable and there have been no injuries, the drivers may move the vehicles out of traffic and exchange information. However, if anyone is injured, immediately call (or have someone else call) for an ambulance and police to make the scene.

Section 550.023

Section 550.023 requires the driver of the vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury or death of a person, or damage to a vehicle, give the following information to the person in the other vehicle(s):

  • Name and address
  • Registration number (license plate) of the vehicle being driven
  • Name of liability insurer
  • Driver's license number if requested and available

Section 550.023 also places the responsibility on the driver of the vehicle that caused damage to the other vehicle of providing reasonable assistance to anyone injured.

When to Call the Police

If the operator of a vehicle doesn't have or show the required information, the police should be called to make a report.

Settling out of Pocket

If the operators make the decision to settle out of pocket, they have entered into a civil agreement which the police will not be able to mediate. If attempts to collect for the damage are rebuffed, the driver of the damaged vehicle may hire an attorney to file a lawsuit, try the case in small claims court or simply file under their own insurance company for uninsured/underinsured motorists.

When in doubt, call the police.

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