During A Robbery

Remain Calm, Do Not Resist

  • Do not try to be a hero. Take no action that would jeopardize your own safety.
  • Follow the robber's directions, but do not volunteer more than he asks for.
  • Advise the robber of any unusual moves you must make. Assure him you will cooperate.
  • If the robber used a hold-up note, try to retain it, and handle it as little as possible.
  • If possible, activate the alarm only if you can do so safely without detection.
  • Attempt to alert other employees by use of prearranged signals, but only if safe to do so.

Make Mental Notes

  • Make a mental note of the robber's race, age, height, sex, clothing, complexion, color of hair and eyes, etc. Note anything unusual about the robber, such as scars or tattoos.
  • Note the number of accomplices and how they left the premises, direction of travel, type and color of the car, and license plate number.
  • Note type, size and color of the weapon.
  • Watch where the robber puts his or her hands or whether he or she touches anything. Fingerprints might be left behind.

After The Robbery

  • Call the police immediately after the robbery. The person who calls the police should be able to stay on the phone if the dispatcher requests that he/she do so.
  • Lock all doors and ask all witnesses to remain until the officers arrive. If a witness must leave, obtain his or her name and address.
  • All witnesses should write down a description of all the suspects. Do not discuss the robbery or compare notes about the robber's appearance with anyone.
  • Protect the crime scene. Do not touch anything.
  • If you were given a note by the robber, handle it carefully. Hold it by the edges so that fingerprints that may be on the paper will not be smeared. Put it in a safe place and keep it for the police. This is an important piece of evidence.

Be Prepared

  • Actively participate in all training sessions offered to become thoroughly familiar with company policies and procedures.
  • Have a plan.
  • Mentally review as often as possible the actions you take if confronted with an emergency so that it becomes "second nature" to you.

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