Garbage & WCID #10

Solid Waste Service & Recycling

Republic Services provides garbage & recycling service for the City of Windcrest. Republic picks up garbage twice a week, and recycling once a week on second pick up day. View Pick up Days (PDF)

  1. Payment
  2. Moving In
  3. Moving Out


  • Garbage/Recycling bills go out twice a year, (April 1st and October 1st.) 
  • Each bill covers 6 months of service in advance. 
  • Every resident is billed for this service. You cannot opt-out of garbage or recycling service.

Pay Online

To sign-up for electronic payment, please fill-out and submit an ACH Authorization Form, attach a voided check and return to City Hall.

View the ACH Authorization Form (PDF)

More Information

  • Each resident must purchase their own garbage can/s with tight-fitting lids. 
  • The 32-gal size is the largest size Republic will pick up
  • Two cans may be put out on each pick up day. 
  • Have garbage and recycling items out by 7:00 a.m.

If you have garbage items that you are unsure whether Republic Services can pick up, please contact their Customer Service Department.

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