The Windcrest City Council

Definition & Powers of the City Council

Article III of the Windcrest City Charter defines the City Council roles, responsibilities, and election cycle. Section 3.06 calls for an election of the Mayor and two Council Members one year, and three Council Members the next year; all five Council Members and the Mayor are elected to a two-year term with no term limits. Further Section 3.11 calls for the election of the Mayor Pro Tempore from the Council membership to perform the duties of the Mayor in the case of the absence or inability of the Mayor to perform the duties of the office.

Section 4.01 states that all Council Members and the Mayor are elected at large. Meaning that all Council Members are representatives of all residents and not a specific district of constituents. Read the Windcrest City Charter (PDF) in its entirety.


The City Council Members all have city e-mail addresses and phone extensions to receive voice messages

City Council Meetings

City Council Meetings are held every first and third Monday of every month, except when the meeting would fall on a recognized holiday. In these instances, the meeting would be rescheduled for the following Monday. View the holiday schedule.