Fire Department Leadership

Rank Name Email
Interim Fire Chief Robert Weidenbach Assistant Fire Chief
Executive Assistant Delma Cortez-Rios Executive Assistant
A-Shift Officer Captain Daniel Andrade A-Shift Officer Email
B-Shift Officer Lieutenant James Palma B-Shift Officer Email
C-Shift Officer Captain Lilia Ayala C-Shift Officer Email
A-Shift Firefighter Firefighter Meghan Shill A-Shift Officer Email
B-Shift Firefighter Engineer Terrill Woodley B-Shift Firefighter Email
C-Shift Firefighter Firefighter Grant Villareal C-Shift Firefighter Email

Assistant Fire Chief

Robert Weidenbach serves as the Assistant Fire Chief and Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Windcrest.

Robert began with the Windcrest Fire Department in 1996 as a volunteer. Through his hard work and dedication to the department, Robert found himself promoted to Assistant Chief of Operations in 2017. In 2019, Robert's position became paid in an effort to keep up with the increase in call volume and responsibilities of the Assistant Chief. 

Robert's goal is to see the department continue with the same dedication and energy that he has seen in his 25+ years with the city. 

Weidenbach Headshot