Family Protective Order

What Is a Family Protective Order?

A Family Protective Order is a legal remedy for the use and protection of victims of "family violence." "Family Violence" means the intentional use or threat of physical force by a member of a "family" or "household" against another member of the family or household.


"Family" includes individuals related by blood or marriage such as: 
  • Aunts
  • Brothers
  • Children, Etc.
  • Cousins
  • Ex-Spouses
  • Parents
  • Sisters
  • Spouses
  • Uncles


 "Household" means a unit composed of persons living together in the same dwelling, whether or not they are related to each other.

How Do I Obtain a Family Protective Order?

You can obtain a Family Protective Order by filing an application with the District Court in Bexar County. You will probably need the services of an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be able to obtain a lawyer through Lawyer Referral Services. The resources of the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office are limited and can only be used as a last resort after attempts to hire a private attorney or to obtain legal aid have been unsuccessful.

Will a Family Protective Order Prevent Family Violence?

A Family Protective Order can deter violence and provide the police and courts additional authority to intervene in family violence cases and to punish those who commit family violence, but is not a shield that truly stops the next violent act from occurring.

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