Emergency Management

CodeRed Alert System - An Emergency Alert System created to alert Windcrest Citizens of potential dangers in the Windcrest area. Emergency notifications will be sent directly to their phones and emails. These notifications can include house fires, public notice by police, natural disaster warnings, and many more. These notifications are sent by Windcrest Officials.

Regional Emergency Alert Network - REAN is an Emergency Alert Network that sends emergency notifications to all registered residents of Bexar County and its surrounding counties. Notifications can include SIGNIFICANT man-made and natural emergencies with information on how to respond. These notifications are sent by Local County Officials.

CodeRed - Emergency Alert System Sign-Up Form

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  8. CodeRed is an emergency alert system created to send emergency notifications of weather, emergencies and dangers for Windcrest residents who are registered. These notifications go directly to your phone and email.

    The types of alerts you will receive can include; house fires, public notice by police, natural disaster warning, and many more.

    We recommend that every member of your household with a phone signs up to help keep everyone in your home alert of possible dangers in the area.

  9. If you are having trouble completing this sign-up form, please contact the Windcrest Fire Department Administration during office hours. 

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In the event of an emergency, tune to WOAI radio 1200 am

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