City Administration & Management

The City Administration offices are located just inside the main entrance of City Hall. The City Administration department is responsible for the maintenance of the records for the City of Windcrest and management of day-to-day operations.

Administration Offices
The Windcrest Administration Office oversees the day-to-day task in the City of Windcrest. Some of the daily functions include issuing permits, contractor and business registrations, taking payments for city services, and the retainment of records

City Secretary
The Windcrest City Secretary oversees that the proper procedures are being followed in the administration department. Some of the main things she manages are the retention of records and record requests as well as the management of city elections 

City Manager
Our City Manager, Rafael Castillo, oversees that all the departments of Windcrest are following the proper procedures. Some of his duties include keeping the City Council informed of the performance of all the departments and collecting data for the city council