Fire Department

Fire Department Group Picture

Emergency Alert System

  • Text "WindcrestAlerts" to 91896
  • Receive alerts through text when emergencies like fires, natural disasters occur in you area
  • Opt-out at any time

Our Mission

To save lives, protect property, and serve our community with courage, commitment and compassion.

The Windcrest Fire Department exists to serve our citizens (the public). Our menu of responsibilities is ever-changing, but our basic areas of service are prevention and enforcement, public education, pre-hospital emergency care, and dire control. Our service has evolved to include hazardous materials, technical rescue, tactical medicine, swift water rescue, and social service calls. We are the "one-stop" service that citizens can rely on. When they call we only ask a few questions, respond quickly, solve their problems, and leave just as fast as we arrived. No red tape on either other government agency works in quite the same way.

Get to Know Us

Our fire department is not only dedicated to save lives but also to build a good relationship with our community. We frequently host and participate in community events to get to know the good people of Windcrest and its surrounding areas. Keep a lookout for upcoming community events on the Windcrest Fire Department Facebook, the City of Windcrest Facebook, and the city's home page

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