Resident Services

  1. House Check Program
  2. Residential Security Inspection
  3. Ride Along Program

FREE service provided by the Windcrest Police Department that offers a house check program to any resident of Windcrest that will be away from home. Complete a house check form (PDF) and turn it in to Windcrest Police Deparment 


  • The house check form must be picked up in person at the Windcrest Police Department or you may download a house check form (PDF)
  • Fill out the form with as much information as possible
  • A completed house check form should be returned to the Windcrest Police Department or faxed to 210-946-1819.
  • Completed forms must be handed to a Windcrest Police Department Employee 

Once a house check form is received it will be noted by the department and Windcrest officers will periodically check the home for suspicious activity or signs of criminal activity while the resident is away.

 Note: This program is not available for homes that are for sale or homes that are vacant.